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Sortea is a simple single tray sorter as against other multi-deck machines. It has an in-built feed hopper with adjustable discharge opening. Tea fed in this Hopper, flows forward over a set of stainless steel mesh trays due to to & fro motion imparted by a heavy duty eccentric crank shaft. With the aid of SS trays, the tea gets grades as it travels forward.
  • Salient Features & Advantages

- Sorts different grades of tea simultaneously as per mesh size of customer choice

- Sliding, easily inter-changeable

- Bloom is retained due to less travel of tea

- No sharp ends, all edges rounded

- Adjustable chute ensures uniform tea flow

- Facilitates, easily inter-changeable

- Noiseless vibration free operation

- Stainless steel meshes ensure durability, hygiene and uniform grading

Available with/without PVC rollers for fibre extraction

  • Perfect surface - easy to scrape and clean.
  • No cracking and opening.
  • Last more than three times the rubber belts.
  • Maintenance, downtime drastically reduced.
  • No roll back, no ball formation - even fermenting and firing.
  • Kaizen ensures bacteria free operating conditions.
  • Unique cutting unit cover.
  • PVC conveyor belts.
  • Frameless conveyors.
  • Minimum spillage.
  • Reduced slope of conveyors; no ball formation & roll back. Inclined side-plates and guards for effective spill proofing.
  • Full length skid plates to prevent leaf entry inside conveyor belts.
  • Provides better access for maintenance.
  • Easier roller setting and mesh adjustment.
  • A centrally controlled water jet system is provided for quick and easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Saves man power and downtime for cleaning.
  • Specially important during rush crop season.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Positive drive - no belt slippage problems.

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.