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Designed along the lines of the original McTear Rotorvane, T&I Global Limited (TIGL) brings you the Tivane Series - superior rotorvanes in 3 models - Tivane Nova, Tivane Mini & Tivane Super. Based on customer feedback and continuous R&D, certain improvements in the construction have been made to better meet the present day requirements of the tea industry.
  • Salient Features & Advantages
  • Technical Specifications

Cylinder : Fabricated with thick stainless steel plates designed to withstand maximum pressure and provide long term hassle-free service.

Pedestal Mounting Arrangement : Heavy MS fabricated pedestal is provided, eliminating the need for concrete plinth.

Worms, Resistors & Vanes : Made of superior quality stainless steel, free of flaws, with shininh finish. If desired leadfree G.M. Components can also be supplied in lieu of stainless steel.

Iris Discharge : Standard machines are fitted with Iris Plates. Cone attachment can be supplied on request.

Geared Barrel Withdrawal : For easy cleaning of the barrel, a gear mechanism operated by a hand wheel is incorporated.

Rotor Shaft : Made of alloy steel, precision machined standard shafts.

Feed Hopper : Made of stainless steel.

Feed Conveyor : Optional

Drives : Through a heavy duty Worm Reducer.

Painting : Attractive two-tone automotive finish after full anti-rust pre-treatment of MS components.

Model Tivane Mini - 8" Tivane Nova - 15" Tivane Super - 18
Normal Duty 5" Gear Box Heavy Duty 8" Gear Box Normal Duty 8" Gear Box Heavy Duty 10" Gear Box Normal Duty 10" Gear Box Heavy Duty 12" Gear Box
Power 10HP 1440 RPM 15HP 1440 RPM 15/20HP 1440 RPM 15/20HP 1440 RPM 30/40HP 1440 RPM 25/30HP 1440 RPM
Speed of the Rotorshaft
36/37 36/37 36/37 36/37 36/37 36/37
Rotorshaft EN-8 Max. dia
1 7/8" (48MM) 2 1/4"
2 7/8"
2 7/8"
3 1/4"
3 1/4"
Reducer Size & Ratio U5000 (5") 20:01 U800 (8") 20:01 U800 (8") 20:01 U800 (8") 20:01 U1000 (10") U1200 (12") 20:01
No. of Vanes
9 Nos. 9 Nos. 11 Nos. 11 Nos. 11 Nos. 11 Nos.
Output per hr.
400/600 KGS 600/900 KGS 1200/1400 KGS 1200/1400 KGS 1800/2000 KGS 1800/2000 KGS
Floor Area 72"x18"
1.8 Mtr.x0.50 Mtr
2.0 Mtr.x.0.60 Mtr
2.4 Mtr.x.0.77 Mtr
2.4 Mtr.x.0.77 Mtr
2.5 Mtr.x0.9 Mtr
2.5 Mtr.x1 Mtr

  • Perfect surface - easy to scrape and clean.
  • No cracking and opening.
  • Last more than three times the rubber belts.
  • Maintenance, downtime drastically reduced.
  • No roll back, no ball formation - even fermenting and firing.
  • Kaizen ensures bacteria free operating conditions.
  • Unique cutting unit cover.
  • PVC conveyor belts.
  • Frameless conveyors.
  • Minimum spillage.
  • Reduced slope of conveyors; no ball formation & roll back. Inclined side-plates and guards for effective spill proofing.
  • Full length skid plates to prevent leaf entry inside conveyor belts.
  • Provides better access for maintenance.
  • Easier roller setting and mesh adjustment.
  • A centrally controlled water jet system is provided for quick and easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Saves man power and downtime for cleaning.
  • Specially important during rush crop season.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Positive drive - no belt slippage problems.

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.