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Conquest dryers have been specially designed for quality tea outputs at medium to moderately high hot air temperatures, making optimum use of both power and fuel. The material to be dried travels on perforated tray circuits before entering the fluidization zone.
  • Salient Features & Advantages
  • Technical Specifications

Tea is first pre dried before being fluidized. This ensures optimum utilization of energy.

The hot air fan uses aero foil design blades which reduce power consumption.

Combination drying ensures gradual moisture removal. This eliminates case hardening and improves liquor quality.

Fully steel fabricated insulated plenum chamber minimizes radiation losses. The plenum chamber's aerodynamic profile ensures even distribution of air over the distributor plates.

Can handle particles ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm. Orthodox big bulk and CTC dust can therefore be dried with equal ease.

Energy efficient and perfectly air balanced dust extraction system for optimum cleaning efficiency.

Inbuilt full width Feed conveyor regulates feed of fermented tea into the drying chamber.

The trays carrying fermented tea are fitted on specially designed high load carrying capacity steel chain. Eliminates possibility of disruption in manufacture due to snapping of tray carrying chain.

Unit 4 M 5 M 6 M 7 M 8 M 10 M 12 M
Made Tea/Hour** Varying - depends upon type of manufacture (Orthodox / CTC)
Power Requirement                
Drying System* HP  25  30  35  45  45  59  70
Dust Collection System HP  15  20  25  30  40  40  50
Overall Dimension                
Length M 9.2 / 10.2 12 13.2 14.40 15.6 18 20.4
Width 4.74 / 4.74 4.74 4.74 4.74 4.74 5.5 5.5 5.5
Height 4.5 / 4.5 4.66 4.83 4.83 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0

** Depends upon drier inlet temperature, altitude, drying temperature and manufacturing method of the factory
* 5 HP more needed when operating indirect heater to meet extra pressure drop in the hot air generator Due to a continuous process of development the design and specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Perfect surface - easy to scrape and clean.
  • No cracking and opening.
  • Last more than three times the rubber belts.
  • Maintenance, downtime drastically reduced.
  • No roll back, no ball formation - even fermenting and firing.
  • Kaizen ensures bacteria free operating conditions.
  • Unique cutting unit cover.
  • PVC conveyor belts.
  • Frameless conveyors.
  • Minimum spillage.
  • Reduced slope of conveyors; no ball formation & roll back. Inclined side-plates and guards for effective spill proofing.
  • Full length skid plates to prevent leaf entry inside conveyor belts.
  • Provides better access for maintenance.
  • Easier roller setting and mesh adjustment.
  • A centrally controlled water jet system is provided for quick and easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Saves man power and downtime for cleaning.
  • Specially important during rush crop season.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Positive drive - no belt slippage problems.

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.